High five for Friday

Friday, February 13, 2015


One | Colton is a pretty good shopping pal!  The kid loves to ride in the cart and hold stuff!

Two | I decided to host a Jamberry Nails party - I love these nail wraps - easier to apply than polish and they last so much longer.  If you are interested in ordering, go here and look me up (Beth Kohler) at checkout.  All orders will be shipped directly to you!

Three | I got this new planner from Thyme is Honey.  I've had my eye on it for awhile and finally decided to get it.

Four | I hosted an e-design giveaway ($150 value) at Hello! Happiness.  There is still time to enter the giveaway.

Five | I got these Valentine's Day beauties from Colton today.  So sweet! :)

My last minute Valentines for kids

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It happened.  The dreaded statement "Mom, I need __________ by tomorrow!"  Except Colton is only 7 months old and can't talk, nor does he really care about Valentine's Day.  This is what I learned when I dropped him off at daycare yesterday morning.  My husband forgot to mention that daycare was having a little Valentine's Day celebration today and Colton could bring Valentine's for the other kids if he wants.

Of course he wants to!! :)

Good thing I dropped him off at daycare.  I rarely drop him off at daycare.

Thank goodness I keep a lot of "stuff" around.  (My husband doesn't call it stuff)  I'm kind of like a paper, crafty-thing kind of hoarder so coming up with a little, last-minute Valentine was not too difficult and evolved into something I would consider cool. (Then again, I'm in my 30's so let's hope the kids don't think it's dumb...)

I had the following things stored away: (I knew I bought all of these things for a good reason)

Pillow boxes (Target dollar section for a year ago, you can get them in nearly any craft aisle)
Card stock
Multi-use labels
Washi Tape
Reese's hearts (I bought for my husband for Valentine's day)

In each pillow box I included a card with "from: Colton" signed on the back, six heart-stickers, two crayons so they could color their cards, and a Reeses heart-shaped peanut butter cup.  Then, I sealed the box with washi-tape.

Here's what I made...
Valentine's Day Cards
All these took were a stamp, ink, and card stock.  I was going to color them but seriously, who has time for that??!! So, I included a couple of crayons so they could color them on their own!  

Using the circle-shaped  multi-lables I made heart stickers.  Each package got six of them.  From what I remember about being a kid, stickers were the best!

I say I did pretty good with this last-minute Valentine!  

I knew this would happen sometime, I just figured it would be well after we got him into school!  Mom of the year - here I come!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

PS... sorry Grandpas, Grandmas, aunts, uncles, and friends - your Valentine's are on hold!  See you around St. Patrick's day?

House tour: 3/4 bathroom

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This past weekend was house-cleaning weekend and, since I had a clean house, I thought I'd continue the post-renovation house tour.  With that - welcome to our 3/4 bathroom!

This bathroom is a brand new addition to our home!  The space used to be our laundry room, which you used enter from the guest bedroom.  And, the doorway you are looking through didn't exist.  We had to cut the doorway into a wall in our entry way and add three steps.  

We had to get somewhat creative to design this new bathroom.  Since we have a small home, and knew we'd have guests more often with a baby on the way, we needed an additional bathroom that included a shower, especially since we tore out the 1/2 bathroom that used to exist in our kitchen.  After working with our contractor, and thanks to my husband's excellent know-how to make things work, we have this 3/4 bathroom.  

Thanks for stopping by!  For more of our home, visit my house tour page!

Mirror: Target
Soap Dispenser: Target
Shower Curtain: West Elm
Rug: World Market
Bath Towel: Target
Flower Holder: World Market
Wall Hanging: Ikea

Bump Day: Baby things worth registering for or gifting

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've been a mom for seven months now.  I've learned a lot and know that I have a ton more to learn.

Colton - 7 Months
As Colton has gotten older, and busier, I've discovered a few things that are handy to have.  I wish I had thought to register for these things.  Lucky for my friends who are having babies in the near future they will more than likely receive a few of these goodies from  me.

Hand and Face Wipes | I use these ALL THE TIME!  They are especially handy to have when you are feeding them baby food in a public place and need to clean up their face and hands when they are done.

Grass | I love this for drying bottles, spoons, food bowls.

Diaper Pail Refills | I go through these more often that I thought I ever would.  If you see a diaper pail on a registry, buy these. You can never have too many and they don't outgrow them like diapers.

Baby Jumper | There will come a time when you need to contain your baby - even if it's just to run to the bathroom.  Colton is crawling now so to get him to stay in one place for more than a second is a pretty tall order.  A toy to "contain" him has been really helpful.  Plus this type of exercise toy really helped his overall strength.

Baby Spoons | I got baby spoons for my baby shower.  It was nice to already have some when Colton started eating - one less thing to have to run out and purchase.

Play Mat | Get a big play mat.  They work great as a carpet protector, until they start crawling. I wish I had asked for a big play mat.

A few more things to consider gifting or registering for:
Extra crib sheets & mattress protectors
Toys & books
Waterproof bibs
Baby Wipes

Things to try to avoid registering for or giving:
Clothes with snaps, especially pajamas. (These are a nightmare at night or if you have a busy child like mine.)
Lotion and body wash. There is a such thing as too much.  Colton will still be using all of the lotion and body wash we were given until he is 5 years old.
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