Babies make people happy

Monday, July 21, 2014

I believe that babies are an extra ray of sunshine from God.

Every time Colton and I are in public I am stopped by at least one person who asks about the baby, smiles, says "he is beautiful" and then begin to share stories of their own children when they were babies. All of their stories are happy stories.  For some reason I've become drawn to these stories and no matter if I am in a hurry or not I stop to listen.  Really, truly listen.

Last week I noticed two specific instances where Colton shared his ray of sunshine.

I have become a frequent WalMart shopper. (The nearest Target is an hour away and I have learned that I just need to get out of the house, for my own sanity.) While I was in WalMart there were a group of handicapped gentleman shopping with their aid.  I walked past them with Colton in his car seat in the back of the cart.  They all said, "Oh, look at the baby!" and headed toward me.  I had two choices, act like I didn't hear them and continue my shopping or stop, let them meet Colton and tell them about him.  I chose to stop and let them meet Colton.  They touched his hand, asked his name and wanted to talk to him.  I let them and took as much time as they needed to without being in a hurry. They were so happy and all said thank you for letting them meet him.  This sweet baby boy of ours has taught me how to stop being a rush and take time for those who need the happiness.

We also took a trip to Northern Iowa and then on to Southern Minnesota last week so that Colton's grandparents could spend time with him and we could introduce him to his great grandparents. The trip was a success and he proved to be a good traveler.

While in Minnesota my dad so badly wanted a picture of four generations of his family that included my grandma, my dad, Colton and I.  We made a special trip to the nursing home to get this picture.  My grandma now lives there after a severe stroke.  While Adam was feeding Colton in the lounge area he had a lot of "old folks," as we say in Minnesota, stop to ask about Colton and share stories about their kids and grand kids as babies. Even the residents we past in the hall wanted to see the baby.  We stopped to visit with each one of them simply because we knew that he had the power to make their day a little brighter.  This proved true for my grandma too.

While she may no longer know who we are.  She recognized Colton as a beautiful baby she just couldn't take her eyes off of.  It felt pretty magical and just for a moment we felt she probably understood that this was her great grandchild.

We always hear about how happy parents are with their new babies but this love and happiness goes beyond just parents.  It extends to way beyond that and they ray of sunshine they bring to others can sometimes reach the most dim corner.

I want our son to know the true power he has to bring sunshine to others on, what may be, a cloudy day.

High five for Friday

Friday, July 18, 2014

 Happy Friday to you all!  We had a big week this week with Colton's first road trip to northern Iowa and Minnesota to see grandparents and meet great grandparents.  He is a good traveler so it's nice to know we are able to feel comfortable picking up and going here and there!

1 | Since I'm spending more time around home during maternity leave I  finally figured out a plan for something to hang on the wall behind the couch.  I ordered prints from here

2 | Colton and I got out and went on a walk this week.  We both enjoyed it!

3 | One of things I was looking forward to post pregnancy was having a drink here and there with my husband.  I'm finding ways to fit one in here and there.

4 | I mentioned that we did a two-day road trip with Colton to see grandparents and meet great grandparents.  Colton got to meet my grandma this week.  She recently went into the nursing home due to a stroke.  She doesn't necessarily know who we are, which is tough and not at all like the grandma I know, seeing Colton made her happy, which made me happy.

5 | I finally got my thank you note written for all of the nice things Colton was given after his arrival. 

Have a super weekend! :)

Healthy Summer Treat

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I love summer. I should really live somewhere with summer temperatures all year round. Unfortunately that wont happen any time soon.  Something to look forward to in retirement maybe?

With summer comes my love for summer treats!  Fortunately I'm not an ice-cream lover. Whaaaatttt??! Yep, it's true, I only like ice cream on a rare occasion. While I was pregnant with Colton ice cream was my craving here and there.  Since he was born, I could care less about ice cream.  This works out well while I hope to shed a few "baby" pounds yet this summer.

This frozen graham cracker sandwhich recipe is both easy AND healthy.  I learned this one from my aunt Julie a few years back and just started making them again.  You can use all low-fat ingredients and it's just the right amount of sweet to cure your craving.

Here is what you need:
Graham Crackers
Whipped Topping
Fruit (optional)

What you do:
Break graham crackers in half.  Add whipped topping and fruit to one half of graham cracker. Place the other half of the graham cracker on top and stick in the freezer for a couple hours!

You can spice up this recipe by using chocolate or cinnamon graham crackers or a different berry!

Remember, you can choose low fat ingredients too!


High five for Friday

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last high five for Friday but I had no idea how much time a baby would take up - mostly because I just want to snuggle him and hold him. :)  Regardless, there have been a lot of highs over the past couple of weeks.

One | This little man is growing up (although he is still just a little peanut, weighing in at 8lbs). His little personality is starting to come through.  We are thankful that Colton is a good baby and that we are figuring each other out. 

Two | I'm getting out of the house! I never realized how important this actually is when you have a newborn. Yesterday Colton and I headed to Des Moines to do a little shopping.  It was a successful trip, he proved to be a pretty good shopping companion.  I just need to learn to drive the shopping cart a little more delicately... or Target needs to widen their aisles. Ha!

Three | I'm getting to spend time on e-design business! A bonus of being on maternity leave.  While my turn around time has slowed down just a bit, I'm glad that I have these clients to work with while I'm on maternity leave. 

Four | Axe and I are back to going on a few walks here and there. It was crazy to see how much the corn had grown since I had Colton. 

Five | Last weekend was a great 4th of July weekend! My parents came to visit us Colton, we headed to a neighbors 4th of July party, and visited some friends who were camping at a local campground. 

I hope you all have had a great weekend - enjoy your weekend!
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