High five for Friday

Friday, July 25, 2014

These weeks have been flying by - yikes!  But, none-the-less they have been fun weeks to be around home.  Especially since the weather has been great. I love summer! 

One | On Monday, Colton celebrated his one-month birthday and Adam celebrated his 32nd birthday too!

Two | We took a little shopping trip this week to a Gap outlet store and I walked out of the store with a pair of jeans, the size I usually wear! Woohoo!  The 30 day squat challenge I'm doing is working! :)

Three | Our garden is producing tomatoes like crazy! These beauties are turning a vibrant red in our windowsill!  Soon we'll be making salsa and canning all kinds of tomato-related things! 

Four | I love when I get cards and gift tags that I made attached to gifts! It always makes me smile. You can find this tag in my etsy shop.

Five | My husband helped me to hang up curtains this week! I like them - pictures to come (hopefully) soon!  I'm just waiting on my wall prints to arrive.

Redecorating? 5 reasons to consider an e-design

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lately I've spent a lot of time around our home which has lead me to think of ways to make it feel more homey and feel like us!  And, even though I work with people to style their spaces I've considered purchasing an e-design to help decorate my own space (can you believe that?!) Yeah, yeah, I know, we just remodeled our house but it would be nice to have someone source some items to hang on our walls. (I hate selecting artwork for us.)

If you're considering re-decorating and working with a professional interior decorator or stylist, here are 5 reasons to consider an e-design.

While there are definitely benefits of working with a real, live interior stylist (like the fact they come to your house to decorate it) they can be spendy.  Working with a virtual stylist to create an e-design for your space is less expensive.  Ranging anywhere from $75 - $350/room depending on the virtual stylist you choose.

Do you ever go shopping for furniture, or anything for that matter, and say "I'll know it when I see it" and in fact, have really no idea what your looking for? I do that time and time again and always leave empty handed and frustrated.  E-designs provide you with a visual shopping list so you can purchase exact or like items.  This helps you to identify what you are looking for or can help you find a like item that can more easily fit into your budget.  They are especially handy if you like to shop local!

Re-decorating can be a long process and often the part of the process that takes the longest is coming up with your design plan!  After you submit all of your information for an e-design you often will have a first look back within a couple of short weeks! Once you confirm your design and get your shopping list all it takes is ordering the items and decorating your home (the fun part!)

I've heard too many times from people that they hired an interior decorator who came to their house and started decorating and in the end, they hated it because it wasn't their style.  Since there are a number of bloggers across the worldwide web who offer e-design services you can shop around until you find one who has a decorating style similar to yours. That's a win for everyone!

For e-designs for a variety of bloggers check out this pinterest board.

A lot of the e-design clients I work with take their time implementing the e-designs I create for them.  Often for budget purposes, waiting for items to go on sale or because of timing.  That's a huge benefit of working with a virtual stylist on an e-design - you can decorate on your own time, when you feel like it, and when you have the money!

For more information on my e-design services go here or send me an email at designyourdwellingblog (at) gmail.com!

Below are a few examples of the most popular e-designs I've done for clients. For more e-designs by Design Your Dwelling visit my Pinterest board!

Bump Day: Colton's newborn pictures

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two weeks after Colton was born, we got his newborn pictures and our first family pictures taken by my friend Julie from Julie Leuth Photography.  I couldn't be happier with the pictures she took.  I like that they capture our lifestyle and us in our natural state which makes them timeless!  Here are some of our favorites!

Colton has grown so much, just since these pictures were taken! I guess that is good but everyone is right when they say it goes too fast.  He is still this peaceful when he sleeps and is all boy when he is awake because he is a mover and a shaker! :)

If you would, do me a favor, stop over at the Julie Leuth Photography Facebook page and give her a like! I know she would appreciate it as she builds her business, plus her pictures are really fun to see!  Julie also took my maternity photos.  You can see those here.

Babies make people happy

Monday, July 21, 2014

I believe that babies are an extra ray of sunshine from God.

Every time Colton and I are in public I am stopped by at least one person who asks about the baby, smiles, says "he is beautiful" and then begin to share stories of their own children when they were babies. All of their stories are happy stories.  For some reason I've become drawn to these stories and no matter if I am in a hurry or not I stop to listen.  Really, truly listen.

Last week I noticed two specific instances where Colton shared his ray of sunshine.

I have become a frequent WalMart shopper. (The nearest Target is an hour away and I have learned that I just need to get out of the house, for my own sanity.) While I was in WalMart there were a group of handicapped gentleman shopping with their aid.  I walked past them with Colton in his car seat in the back of the cart.  They all said, "Oh, look at the baby!" and headed toward me.  I had two choices, act like I didn't hear them and continue my shopping or stop, let them meet Colton and tell them about him.  I chose to stop and let them meet Colton.  They touched his hand, asked his name and wanted to talk to him.  I let them and took as much time as they needed to without being in a hurry. They were so happy and all said thank you for letting them meet him.  This sweet baby boy of ours has taught me how to stop being a rush and take time for those who need the happiness.

We also took a trip to Northern Iowa and then on to Southern Minnesota last week so that Colton's grandparents could spend time with him and we could introduce him to his great grandparents. The trip was a success and he proved to be a good traveler.

While in Minnesota my dad so badly wanted a picture of four generations of his family that included my grandma, my dad, Colton and I.  We made a special trip to the nursing home to get this picture.  My grandma now lives there after a severe stroke.  While Adam was feeding Colton in the lounge area he had a lot of "old folks," as we say in Minnesota, stop to ask about Colton and share stories about their kids and grand kids as babies. Even the residents we past in the hall wanted to see the baby.  We stopped to visit with each one of them simply because we knew that he had the power to make their day a little brighter.  This proved true for my grandma too.

While she may no longer know who we are.  She recognized Colton as a beautiful baby she just couldn't take her eyes off of.  It felt pretty magical and just for a moment we felt she probably understood that this was her great grandchild.

We always hear about how happy parents are with their new babies but this love and happiness goes beyond just parents.  It extends to way beyond that and they ray of sunshine they bring to others can sometimes reach the most dim corner.

I want our son to know the true power he has to bring sunshine to others on, what may be, a cloudy day.
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