Bump Day: Why pregnant ladies do what they do

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This week we hit the 28-week mark, also known as the start of the third trimester! Eeek!  Seriously - how did we get here so fast?!  Adam and I have a lot that needs to get done including finishing up our house, assembling a crib, and figuring out how in the world car seats work... Oh yeah and we need to fit spring field work into the mix!

After being pregnant for 28 weeks I've learned a few things including why pregnant ladies do the things they do like walk funny and touch their stomach.  Yes, prior to being pregnant I just didn't understand these things and found them to be just a little strange.

Here are your answers explained!

Why pregnant ladies walk funny:
This is because our lower back hurts like crazy!  I didn't realize that your spine shifts to help your body find it's new "center of gravity."  This has caused me some serious lower back pain.  After a day on my feet, at the gym or trying to do too much I start to walk funny to avoid back pain.

Why pregnant ladies touch their stomachs:  
I found this super obnoxious until I found myself doing this.  It's because by the time you are 26 weeks along the baby moves constantly and sometimes it's uncomfortable, especially when they get a foot or hand up underneath your rib cage.  By putting your hand on your stomach you can sometimes get the baby to stop moving or get their foot out from under your ribs.

Now you know...  If you have other quirks to explain, let us know what they are by leaving a comment below!

Tax Day Discount!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day!

If plans for your tax refund include re-decorating your home, I have the perfect offer for you!  

How does a $25 discount sound on your next e-design?  This offer lasts one day only (April 15, 2014) so claim your e-design now!

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High five for Friday

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm behind a couple of weeks with my usual high five for Friday posts but none-the-less good things are still happening!!

One | All of our babies are born! We now have ten of these little bandits running around and boy are they fun to watch!

Two| Spring is on it's way... I think... and hope... so its been fun to wear peep toe shoes and more spring-like clothes.  Fortunately, at 25 weeks pregnant I am still able to mix in some none-maternity clothes to wardrobe.  Oh - and I got my hair cut! I love it!!

Three| We are making progress now!! Our cupboards are installed.  Hopefully by Monday afternoon our counter tops will be in!  Then the plumber can come back, and the electrician, and painter, and...  Anyhow, hopefully by the first full week in April we will be moving back in.

Four| Our neighbor makes THE BEST cupcakes! I actually ordered a few from her as a birthday gift and when she delivered them she brought one for Adam and I.

Five| I will forever be a Minnesota Gopher fan but it's been fun to watch the Iowa State University Cyclones play in the March Madness tournament!  We'll be cheering them on tonight! :)

A couple more things...
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Cheers to a great weekend!

I started an etsy shop + a discount code for you

Thursday, March 27, 2014

After a lot of encouragement from my friends I started an etsy shop!

I've always loved being crafty (I get this from my mom) and somewhat-thrifty (I get this from her too). This is where my love for making greeting cards comes from.  My drive for starting my shop, besides my friends, was the fact that greeting cards are SO expensive - $4.00, $5.00, $7.00 - eeekkk! And let's be truthful, they are most often thrown in the garbage. I believe that sending a card to a friend or giving a card with a wedding or birthday gift should be affordable, spend the money on the gift not the card!

Here is a look at some of the card sets my shop - Beth Kohler Designs - offers.

Cards for kids - I love that kids can color these! They come with four assorted crayons!

Embossed Feather Card - currently one of my favorites!

Lemon Thank You Note - these make me think of spring and summer!

Forever and Always Wedding Cards - this is also a popular item! Give the couple a one-of-a-kind card!

Gold Glitter Bud Vase - Currently the most popular item in my shop.  Only 8 available!

I am always adding new items as I come up with new card designs!  I also do custom orders - if there is something specific you are looking for, let me know!

If you would, head over to my shop and let me know what your favorite items are and use the discount code!

Discount Code:
Enter discount at checkout
Discount available until March 31, 2014

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